Firetable is an open-source platform to unlock the full potential of Google Firestore

With Firetable, non-technical team members can access Firestore data with a permission controlled intuitive UI while developers can build fast on the GCP stack (manage their data models, create and deploy cloud functions, connect to third party apps via webhooks and APIs...and more!) 馃殌

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Intuitive spreadsheet like interface for Firestore.Rich set of data fields.29+ field typesPermission controlled views.Read moreBulk data actions.Supercharge your database with your own scripts.Integrations with external services.

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Getting started

To set up Firetable, you must be comfortable with working with the command line.

You must have at least a basic understanding of how to use npm and install npm packages globally.

We鈥檝e created the Firetable CLI to automate the steps required to set up Firetable.

Read the getting started guide 鈫


We鈥檙e still working on improving our documentation and writing more beginner-friendly guides.

Documentation on GitHub Wiki 鈫


Open issues

Create issues and bug reports here.
Make sure to provide console log outputs and screenshots!

Roadmap and feature requests

Contributing 馃檶

We welcome any contributions from the open source community.

  • Good First Issues project is a good place to start for contributing to Firetable.
  • For new feature or enhancement, please create an issue first or send us a message on Discord so that we can discuss and guide you as needed ahead of you starting the work.