• Spreadsheet interface for viewing Firestore collections, documents, and subcollections.

    • Add, edit, and delete rows
    • Sort and filter by row values
    • Resize and rename columns
  • 27 different field types.Read more

    • Basic types: Short Text, Long Text, Email, Phone, URL…
    • Custom UI pickers: Date, Checkbox, Single Select, Multi Select…
    • Uploaders: Image, File
    • Rich Editors: JSON, Code, Rich Text (HTML)
  • Powerful access controls with custom user roles. Read more

  • Supercharge your database with your own scripts.

    • Action field: trigger any Cloud Function
    • Derivative field: populate cell with value derived from the rest of the row’s values
    • Aggregate field: populate cell with value aggregated from the row’s sub-table
  • Integrations with external services.

    • Connect Table uses Algolia to get a snapshot of another table’s row values
    • Connect Service uses any HTTP endpoint to get a cell value

Firetable makes it easy to use key Firebase products

Live demo →

Firetable demo GIF

Getting started

To set up Firetable, you must be comfortable with working with the command line.

You must have at least a basic understanding of how to use npm and install npm packages globally.

We’ve created the Firetable CLI to automate the steps required to set up Firetable.

Read the getting started guide →


We’re still working on improving our documentation and writing more beginner-friendly guides.

Documentation on GitHub Wiki →


Open issues

Create issues and bug reports here.
Make sure to provide console log outputs and screenshots!

Roadmap and feature requests

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