A/B Testing

Firebase A/B Testing leverages Remote Config to automatically trial new app behaviors and exports the experiment results into Firebase Analytics. This sample demonstrates using an A/B test to test mutiple color schemes within an app.

Quickstart Setup

In Firebase Console, create a new A/B test with any name. In step two under 'Variants', click the 'Add Parameter' button and create a parameter named color_scheme. Set its default value in the control group to default and its value in 'Variant A' to dark. In the third step, select any goal metric.

Verify the following two flows:

Test on device: Run the sample and copy the printed Instance ID token from Xcode's console into the 'Manage test devices' section in Firebase Console (click into details in 'Experiment Overview' when experiment is in Draft status).

Published experiment: Run the experiment at a high percentage and reinstall the app until your app instance is in the A/B test.