Getting Started

  • Add Firebase to your iOS Project.
  • Follow the quickstart guide to set up your project.
  • Paste your Dynamic Link Domain from Firebase Console to
    • DynamicLinksExample.entitlements file
    • DOMAIN_URI_PREFIX constant in ViewController.m and ViewController.swift files
    • domainURIPrefix constant in DynamicLinksExampleApp.swift file
  • Run the sample on your iOS device.
  • Create a Dynamic Link
    • in the App or
    • in the Dynamic Links section of the Firebase console.
      • Custom Schemes of the form dlscheme:/// would be handled by the app. You can change dlscheme to fit your needs.
      • For Universal Links be sure to add your APP ID or TEAM ID to your app when connecting. The apple-app-site-association file will be generated and hosted automatically.
      • As of iOS 9, only Universal Links are considered strong links.
  • From another application like Safari or Notes, you should be able to select your Dynamic Link and be taken to the quickstart app.

Note: You will need a device running iOS 11.0+ for the ObjC and Swift (UIKit) versions of the quickstart, or iOS 14.0+ for the Swift (SwiftUI) version.



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