Firebase Quickstarts for Javascript

A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the Firebase APIs using the Javascript SDK. For more information, see

Samples are organized into the following subdirectories and include files with instructions for getting started:

  • Auth
    • Anonymous Auth
    • Custom Auth
    • Email and Password auth
    • Email Link auth
    • Phone Auth using a visible ReCaptcha
    • Phone Auth using an invisible ReCaptcha
    • Phone Auth using popup
    • Google Auth in a Chrome Extension
    • Facebook auth using Facebook login button
    • Facebook auth using Firebase popup
    • Facebook auth using Firebase redirect
    • Google auth using Google sign-in button
    • Google auth using Firebase popup
    • Google auth using Firebase redirect
    • Twitter auth using Firebase popup
    • Twitter auth using Firebase redirect
    • Microsoft auth using Firebase popup
    • Microsoft auth using Firebase redirect
    • GitHub auth using Firebase popup
    • GitHub auth using Firebase redirect
    • Multi-factor authentication with SMS(currently only available for Google Cloud Identity Platform projects)
  • Database
    • Simple Social Blogging app
  • Firestore
    • Simple Rating App
  • Functions
    • Send requests to a Functions server-side instance and get back results.
  • Storage
    • Upload a file to Firebase Storage and display its URL
  • Messaging
    • Send notifications

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the