Firebase Quickstarts for Javascript

A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the Firebase APIs using the Javascript SDK. For more information, see

Samples available:

  • Auth
    • Anonymous Auth
    • Custom Auth
    • Email and Password auth
    • Email Link auth
    • Phone Auth using a visible ReCaptcha
    • Phone Auth using an invisible ReCaptcha
    • Phone Auth using popup
    • Google Auth in a Chrome Extension
    • Facebook auth using Facebook login button
    • Facebook auth using Firebase popup
    • Facebook auth using Firebase redirect
    • Google auth using Google sign-in button
    • Google auth using Firebase popup
    • Google auth using Firebase redirect
    • Twitter auth using Firebase popup
    • Twitter auth using Firebase redirect
    • GitHub auth using Firebase popup
    • GitHub auth using Firebase redirect
  • Database
    • Simple Social Blogging app
  • Firestore
    • Simple Rating App
  • Functions
    • Send requests to a Functions server-side instance and get back results.
  • Storage
    • Upload a file to Firebase Storage and display its URL
  • Messaging
    • Send notifications

How to make contributions?

Please read and follow the steps in the