FriendlyEats is a restaurant recommendation app built on Cloud Firestore. It has offline persistence enabled. For more information about Firestore visit the docs.

Setup and run the app

Follow these steps to setup and run the quickstart:

  1. Create a Firebase project in the Firebase Console.
  2. In the Firebase console, enable Anonymous authentication on your project by doing: Authentication > SIGN-IN METHOD > Anonymous > Enable > SAVE
  3. In the Firebase console, enable Cloud Firestore on your project by doing: Database > Create Database
  4. Select testing mode for the security rules
  5. Copy/Download this repo and open this folder in a Terminal.
  6. Install the Firebase CLI if you do not have it installed on your machine:
    npm -g i firebase-tools
  7. Set the CLI to use the project you created on step 1:
    firebase use --add
  8. Deploy the Firestore security rules and indexes:
    firebase deploy --only firestore
  9. Run a local server:
    firebase serve
  10. As indicated, open http://localhost:5000 in your browser and try out the app.


© Google, 2017. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.