Version Numbers

Flank follows date based releases.

  • YY.MM.#
  • 20.05.0 - First release in 2020/05
  • 20.05.1 - Second release in 2020/05

Debugging Flank

Importing into IntelliJ IDEA

When opening the project in IntelliJ IDEA, select the "Import from Existing Sources" option and open the test_runner folder.

Debugging Flank Commands

There is a Debug.kt which is your entry point. You can start a debug session here and set breakpoints wherever you need them. TIP: while debugging use gs://... links to avoid uploading apk/zip files

Note: The breakpoints will only hit for the actual command being run. For example, for firebase test android run, the debugger will directly enter AndroidRunCommand.

The yml file being read is located here.

Run ./gradlew check to fix lint issues

Adding new gcloud property common to iOS and Android

  • Add property to GcloudYml and update keys in config files
  • Update IArgs with new property
  • Update AndroidArgs to reference the propery and update toString
  • Update IosArgs to reference the propery and toString
  • Add test to IosArgsTest
  • Add test to IosRunCommandTest and update empty_params_parse_null test
  • Add test to AndroidArgsTest
  • Add test to AndroidRunCommandTest and update empty_params_parse_null test
  • Update Android/iOS example config in, flank.yml and flank.ios.yml


A CLA is required to contribute to flank. Google's open source policy explains why CLAs are commonly used To sign CLA follow instructions on pull request which needs CLA to be signed.