How do I specify the path to flank.yml?

By default flank will look for flank.yml when running Android tests and flank.ios.yml when running iOS tests. A custom path may be provided using a CLI flag: java -jar flank.jar android run --config=custom/path/config.yml

For all supported CLI flags, use the help flag: java -jar flank.jar android run --help

I'm using max-test-shards set to -1 to shard each test, why is there only one shard?

When shard-time is used, Flank will pack tests into equally timed shards up to a maximum of max-test-shards. The timing data comes from the smart-flank-gcs-path file. On a fresh run, that file doesn't exist. Tests are assumed to be 10 seconds when there's no previous recorded time for that test.

In the example of shard-time: 120, that means 12 tests will be used per shard on a fresh run with no timing data. On the second run, the measured time will be used instead of 10 seconds.

  max-test-shards: -1
  shard-time: 120

To always shard each test on a new device, omit shard-time.