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Trigger Description
fireconfig Configure Firebase
firereference Get a reference to the firebase service
fireset Set data to the firebase database
fireretrieve Retrieve data from firebase
fireretrieveloop Retrieve data and loop inside the direct children
fireval Using val() method to retrieve the data inside a listener
fireretrieveonce Retrieve data once
firekey Create a key and simultaneously retrieve the key
fireupdate Updating specific fields
fireremove Remove data at a certain location
firetransaction firebase transactions
fireorderBychild Order results by the value of a specified child key or nested child path
fireorderByvalue Order results by child values
fireorderBykey Order results by child keys
firelimittofirst Sets the maximum number of items to return from the end of the ordered list of results
firelimittolast Sets the maximum number of items to return from the beginning of the ordered list of results
firestartAt Return items greater than or equal to the specified key or value, depending on the order-by method chosen
fireendat Return items less than or equal to the specified key or value, depending on the order-by method chosen
fireequalto Return items equal to the specified key or value, depending on the order-by method chosen
fireexists Returns true if this dataSnapshot contains any data
firehaschild Returns true if this datasnapshot contains the specified child
firehaschildren Returns true is this datasnapshot contains any children
firenumchildren Returns the number of child properties of this datasnapshot
firedetach Removing a listener
firestorageref Get a reference to the storage service, which is used to create references in your storage bucket
firestoragechildref Create a reference to a location lower in the tree, say images.jpg
firestorageurlref Create a reference from a Google Cloud Storage URI or https url
firestoragedownloadfile Getting the download file from firebase storage
firestoragedeletefile Delete a file
firesignupemail Authenticate a new user using email and password
firesigninemail Sign in an existing user
fireauthstate Attach an observer using onAuthStateChanged to retrieve user infomration
firecurrentuser Retrieves the currently logged in user
fireuserprofile Retrieves the user information
fireupdateprofile Updates the user profile
fireproviderinfo Retrieves information from sign in provider
fireupdateemail Set a user email address, the user must have signed in recently
fireemailverify Send an email verification to the user
firesetpass Set a user password, the user must have signed in recently
firepassreset Send a password reset email to a user
firedeleteuser Delete a user account with the delete method
firesignout Sign out the user
firegoogleinstance Get instance of the google provider
fireprovidersignin Sign in with google
firefacebookinstance Get instance of facebook provider
firetwitterinstance Get instance of twitter provider
firegithubinstance Get instance of github provider
firecustomauth Sign in the user using custom authentication
fireanonymously Sign in the user anonymously


Trigger Description
initializefirestore Initialize Cloud Firestore through Firebase
adddatafirestore Creating a new collection and document in firestore
setdatafirestore Creates or overwrite a single document, use the set() method
readdatafirestore Read data from a collection in firestore
referencefirestore Add firestore reference
updatefirestore Update the document in firestore
deletedocfirestore Delete a document in firestore
deletefieldfirestore Delete a field in firestore document
wherefirestore where query in firestore
arraycontainsfirestore Using array-contains it filters based on array value
limitfirestore Retrieves the first three value of the field
ordermultifirestore Order by multiple fields in firestore
realtimeupdatefirestore Listens for realtime changes on a document using onSnapshot
arrayunionfieldfirestore Adds an element to an array field

arrayremovefieldfirestore| Remove an element from array field| |incrementfieldfirestore| Increment or decrement a numeric field value|