sidebar_label: Custom views

If you need to develop a custom view that does not map directly to a Firestore collection you can implement it as a React component.

You need to define the name, route and the component, and add it to the main navigation, as the example below.

By default, it will show in the main navigation view.

For custom views you can define the following props:

  • path string | string[]

    CMS Path (or paths) you can reach this view from. If you include multiple paths, only the first one will be included in the main menu

  • name: string

    Name of this view

  • description?: string

    Optional description of this view. You can use Markdown

  • hideFromNavigation?: boolean

    Should this view be hidden from the main navigation panel. It will still be accessible if you reach the specified path

  • view: React.ReactNode

    Component to be rendered

  • group?: string

    Optional field used to group top level navigation entries under a navigation view.

A quick example for a custom view:

export function App() {

    const productSchema = buildSchema({
        name: "Product",
        properties: {
            name: {
                title: "Name",
                validation: { required: true },
                dataType: "string"

    const customViews: CMSView[] = [{
        path: ["additional", "additional/:id"],
        name: "Additional view",
        description: "This is an example of an additional view that is defined by the user",
        view: <ExampleCMSView/>

    const navigation: NavigationBuilder = ({ user }: NavigationBuilderProps) => ({
        collections: [
                relativePath: "products",
                schema: productSchema,
                name: "Products"

    return <CMSApp
        name={"My Online Shop"}

Your custom view is implemented as any regular React component that uses some hooks provided by the CMS:

import React from "react";
import { Box, Button } from "@material-ui/core";

import {
} from "@camberi/firecms";

 * Sample CMS view not bound to a collection, customizable by the developer
 * @constructor
export function ExampleCMSView() {

    // hook to display custom snackbars
    const snackbarController = useSnackbarController();

    // hook to open the side dialog that shows the entity forms
    const sideEntityController = useSideEntityController();

    // hook to do operations related to authentication
    const authController = useAuthContext();

    const customProductSchema = buildSchema({
        name: "Custom product",
        properties: {
            name: {
                title: "Name",
                validation: { required: true },
                dataType: "string"
            very_custom_field: {
                title: "Very custom field",
                dataType: "string"

    return (

            <Box m="auto"

                <div>This is an example of an additional view</div>

                {authController.loggedUser ?
                    <div>Logged in
                        as {authController.loggedUser.displayName}</div>
                    <div>You are not logged in</div>}

                    onClick={() =>{
                        type: "success",
                        message: "This is pretty cool"
                    Test snackbar

                    onClick={() =>{
                        entityId: "B003WT1622",
                        collectionPath: "/products-test",
                        schema: customProductSchema
                    Open entity with custom schema