Upgrading to FirebaseUI 4.0

This document outlines the key breaking changes made between versions 3.3.1 and 4.0.0 as well as suggested upgrade paths. This is not a comprehensive list of all features or bug fixes, please reference the release notes for that information.

For a full, machine-generated compatibility report see the docs/compat_reports folder.


  • Removed all previously @Deprecated methods on AuthUI.IdpConfig.Builder, AuthUI.IdpConfig, IdpResponse, and AuthUI.SignInIntentBuilder. Most of the deprecated methods have to do with configuring the FirebaseUI sign-in Intent and the replacements can be seen in the README.

Realtime Database

  • No breaking changes.

Cloud Firestore

  • Adopt the breaking changes from the firebase-firestore library version 16.0.0. The primary breaking change is the removal of QueryListenOptions, which has been replaced by the MetadataChanges enum. See the firebase release notes for more information.

Cloud Storage

  • No breaking changes.