Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions Quickstart - HTTPS function with Firebase Hosting URL trigger

This quickstart demonstrates using the Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions with an HTTPS trigger that's triggered through a Firebase Hosting URL. The function will display a repeated number of "BONG" depending on the hour of the day.


The function bigben returns an HTML page that display a repeated number of "BONG" depending on the hour of the day.

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Initial setup, build tools and dependencies

1. Clone this repo

Clone or download this repo and open the quickstarts/big-ben directory.

2. Create a Firebase project and configure the quickstart

Create a Firebase Project on the Firebase Console.

Set up your Firebase project by running firebase use --add, select your Project ID and follow the instructions.

3. Install the Firebase CLI and enable Functions on your Firebase CLI

You need to have installed the Firebase CLI. If you haven't run:

npm install -g firebase-tools

Doesn't work? You may need to change npm permissions.

Try the sample locally

Start serving your project locally using firebase serve --only hosting,functions

Open the app in a browser at https://localhost:5000/.

A page containing a repeated number of "BONG" - One for each hour of the day - will be displayed.

You can click on the Refresh button which will call the API by doing an XHR to /api and refresh the "BONG" display on the page.

Deploy the app to prod

First you need to install the npm dependencies of the functions:

cd functions && npm install; cd ..

This installs locally the Firebase SDK and the Firebase Functions SDK.

Deploy to Firebase using the following command:

firebase deploy

This deploys and activates the bigben Function.

The first time you call firebase deploy on a new project with Functions will take longer than usual.

Try the sample on prod

After deploying the function you can open the following URL in your browser:


A page containing a repeated number of "BONG" will be displayed.


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