Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions Quickstart - Cloud Storage trigger

This quickstart demonstrates using Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions setup with a Cloud Storage trigger.


This sample automatically generates thumbnails for images that are uploaded to Cloud Storage.

Functions Code

See file functions/index.js for the thumbnail generation code.

The thumbnail generation is performed using sharp.

The dependencies are listed in functions/package.json.

Trigger rules

The function triggers on upload of any file to your Firebase project's default Cloud Storage bucket.

Deploy and test

To deploy and test the sample:

  • Create a Firebase project on the Firebase Console and visit the Storage tab.
  • Get the code, for instance using git clone
  • Enter the correct directory cd functions-samples/quickstarts/thumbnails
  • Setup the CLI to use your Firebase project using firebase use --add and select your Firebase project
  • Deploy your project's code using firebase deploy
  • Go to the Firebase Console Storage tab and upload an image. After a short time a thumbnail image with the same name but a thumb_ prefix will be created in the same folder (make sure you refresh the UI to see the new file).


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