Firebase In-App Messaging Quickstart


This quickstart demonstrates basic usage of Firebase In-App Messaging.

Getting Started

  • Follow the instructions to add Firebase to your Android app.
  • In the Firebase console, navigate to the In-App Messaging section.
  • Click New Campaign
    • In the Style and content section, design a campaign using one of the provided layouts (Modal, Image, or Banner), then click Next.
    • In the Target section, enter any campaign name and description. In the dropdown, choose to target the app you just created, then click Next.
    • In the Scheduling section, choose any reasonable start and end date. Choose engagement_party for the trigger event, then click Next.
    • In the Conversion events tab choose the ecommerce_purchase conversion event.
  • Run the sample app on your device
    • Press the Trigger button to fire the event.


If you successfully trigger a message, you should see something like this: