ML Kit for Firebase Quickstart

The ML Kit for Firebase Android Quickstart app demonstrates how to use the various features of ML Kit to add machine learning to your application.

NOTE: A sample application using the same library, but with a more sophisticated UI (it uses Jetpack Libraries and follows the Material Design guidelines for ML), can be found here. This may be helpful when integrating ML Kit into real-world applications.

Getting Started

  • Add Firebase to your Android Project.
  • Run the sample on an Android device.
  • Choose LivePreviewActivity to see a demo of the following APIs:
    • Face detection
    • Text recognition (on-device)
    • Barcode scanning
    • Image labeling (on-device)
    • Landmark recognition
    • Custom model (Labeled "Classification"). The custom model used in this sample, MobileNet_v1, is already included as a local asset in the project. To use this sample with a hosted model, follow the directions under the "Hosting a Custom Model" section of this readme.
  • Choose StillImageActivity to see a demo of the following:
    • Image labeling (Cloud)
    • Landmark recognition (Cloud)
    • Text recognition (Cloud)
    • Document text recognition (Cloud)


Hosting a Custom Model

  • Download the TensorFlow Lite custom model we are using in this sample.
  • Go to the Firebase console.
  • Select your project.
  • Select ML Kit under the DEVELOP section in the left hand navigation.
  • Click on the CUSTOM tab.
  • Click on Add another model and use "mobilenet_v1" as the name.
  • Click BROWSE and upload the mobilenet_v1_1.0_224_quant.tflite file you downloaded earlier.
  • Click PUBLISH.


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