FriendlyEats is a restaurant recommendation app built on Cloud Firestore. For more information about Firestore visit the docs.

Setup and run the app

Follow these steps to setup and run the quickstart:

  1. Create a Firebase project in the Firebase Console.
  2. In the Firebase console, enable Anonymous authentication on your project by doing: Authentication > SIGN-IN METHOD > Anonymous > Enable > SAVE
  3. In the Firebase console, enable Cloud Firestore on your project by doing: Database > Create Database
  4. Select testing mode for the security rules
  5. Copy/Download this repo and open this folder in a Terminal.
  6. Install the Firebase CLI if you do not have it installed on your machine:
    npm -g i firebase-tools
  7. Set the CLI to use the project you created on step 1:
    firebase use --add
  8. Deploy the Firestore security rules and indexes:
    firebase deploy --only firestore
  9. Run a local server:
    firebase serve
  10. As indicated, open http://localhost:5000 in your browser and try out the app.


© Google, 2017. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.