[ARCHIVED] This API is now available officially in FirebaseUI-Android repo here. No need to use this library.


Here is Android library to implement Pagination of Firebase Realtime Database in RecyclerView.

Sample App

The Sample app is available in app/ directory that demonstrates feature of this library. Step by step description is given here


FirebaseRecyclerPagingation Library binds Firebase Realtime Database Query to a RecyclerView by loading Data in pages. FirebaseRecyclerPagingAdapter is built on top of Android Paging Support Library. Before using this adapter in your app, you will have to implement dependency on the support library.

implementation 'android.arch.paging:runtime:1.x.x'


Open Build.gradle of your project.

allprojects {
    repositories {

Open Build.gradle file of app module and then..

dependencies {
    //Android Paging Libray
    implementation "android.arch.paging:runtime:1.0.1"

    //Firebase Pagination Library
    implementation 'com.shreyaspatil:FirebaseRecyclerPagination:1.0.1'


We'll love to make it happen. Let's make library more perfect, powerful and useful for everyone!