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You can find the full documentation with how-to guides and templates here.


Powerful spreadsheet interface for Firestore

  • CMS for Firestore
  • CRUD operations
  • Bulk import or export data - csv, json, tsv
  • Sort and filter by row values
  • Lock, Freeze, Resize, Hide and Rename columns
  • Multiple views for the same collection

Automate with cloud functions and ready made extensions

  • Build cloud functions workflows on field level data changes
    • Use any NPM modules or APIs
  • Connect to your favourite tool with pre-built code blocks or create your own
    • SendGrid, Algolia, Twilio, Bigquery and more

Rich and flexible data fields

  • 30+ fields supported
    • Basic types: Short Text, Long Text, Email, Phone, URL…
    • Custom UI pickers: Date, Checkbox, Single Select, Multi Select…
    • Uploaders: Image, File
    • Rich Editors: JSON, Code, Rich Text (HTML), Markdown
  • Data validation, default values, required fields
  • Action field: Clickable trigger for any Cloud Function
  • Aggregate field: Populate cell with value aggregated from the row’s sub-table
  • Connector field: Connect data from multiple table collections
  • Connect Service: Get data from any HTTP endpoint

Collaborate with your team

  • Granular table-level and field-level permission control
    with role based access controls
  • Built in user management
  • Customizable views for different user roles


Set up Rowy on your Google Cloud project with this one-click deploy button. Your data and cloud functions stay on your own Firestore/GCP.

Run on Google Cloud

The one-click deploy makes the process of setting up easy with a step by step guide and ensures your project is setup correctly.

It deploys Rowy Run, an open-source Cloud Run instance that operates exclusively on your GCP project. So we never have access to your service account or any of your data.

Alternatively, you can manually install by following this guide.


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