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The bounty has been available and keeps increasing since July 14, 2022.

Nested Composite Query Rulings

(Web feature only, admin can skip this section)

Rulings for or & and composite query are ready, rulings works with nested query, example:

Official SDK runtime error:

Example of how Firelord handles `ServerTimestamp` type in different operations

Firelord compile time error:

Example of how Firelord handles `ServerTimestamp` type in different operations

It has all the regular rulings plus new composite rulings. See also peeling composite query error messages

Eslint False Errors

Below ESLint rules give false error, please turn them off.

    "rules": {
        "@typescript-eslint/no-unsafe-assignment": "off",
        "@typescript-eslint/no-unsafe-call": "off",
        "@typescript-eslint/no-redundant-type-constituents": "off",
        "@typescript-eslint/no-unsafe-return": "off",
        "@typescript-eslint/no-unsafe-member-access": "off"

ESM? CommonJS?

(Web version's issue only, admin can skip this section)

FirelordJS built files are a bit complicated. It is not an ESM module(no "type":"module" in package.json) but it also does not transpile import statements to CommonJS.

Results tested with various build tools:

  1. (Default) Non ESM with import statements (Pseudo ESM)

  2. ✅ works with create-react-app

  3. ✅ works with @vitejs/plugin-react-swc
  4. ✅ works with @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte
  5. ✅ works with nextjs with next-transpile-modules
  6. ❌ does not work with @sveltejs/kit/vite

  7. Real ESM (Not available on NPM)

  8. ✅ works with @vitejs/plugin-react-swc

  9. ✅ works with @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte
  10. ✅ works with nextjs with next-transpile-modules
  11. ❌ does not work with create-react-app, see issue
  12. ❌ does not work with @sveltejs/kit/vite see issue

  13. CommonJS

  14. ❌ does not work with create-react-app

  15. ❌ does not work with @vitejs/plugin-react-swc
  16. ❌ does not work with @sveltejs/vite-plugin-svelte
  17. ✅ works with nextjs.
  18. ✅ works with @sveltejs/kit/vite

Using CommonJS Firelord with Firebase v9.17.0 and beyond break most of the build tools because of this Firebase issue

Pseudo ESM has the highest compatibility which is why it is the default package. If you see cannot use import statement outside a module error, please install the CommonJS version with

npm i firelordjs@cjs

Types That You Need To Pay Attention To

These are types that are supported but be careful when using them. They are not limitations, but how things work.

Record<string, something> Support

By design Firelord banned mapped type, this was until version 2.5.10. To understand why mapped was banned in the first place and why it is possible now, see this issue. In short, querying mapped type requires extra information, make sure you know what you are doing.

Object Unions Type

Object unions type was banned before v2.6.2 because it brings uncertainty that cannot be handled reasonably. For example, with {a:number}|{b:string}, you can set {a:1} then update {b:"x"}, in this case the type is no longer unions type but an intersection type: {a:number} & {b:string}. This limitation is lifted to allow users to fully utilize discriminated unions. Plus in future update operation Mandatory Field could mitigate this problem.


  • Mandatory field update. Example, for field like updatedAt, it is mandatory to includes it every time you update the document. There are two ways to implement these feature: via Meta Type and via abstraction. With Meta Type(using special field value), it is less flexible because we no longer able to exclude it from all update operations. With abstraction, it is more flexible but require more works from user. I prefer via abstraction due to it does not shut down other use cases despite having lower user experience.

  • Support tuple data type.

  • Replace set merge with upset(update if exists, else set). It will receive 1 doc ref argument and 2 data arguments(partial data and complete data). It will attempt to update the document with partial data or create a document with complete data if the document does not exist.

  • More in code documentation and tests.

  • Add support for V2 Firestore function triggers(for Firelord admin version only).


  1. Bytes type is not working correctly and is unusable.
  2. The rule You can use at most one array-contains or array-contains-any clause per query. You can't combine array-contains with array-contains-any is not enabled, see this release note
  3. The type check of composite query (or() / and()) value is wrong if the field is __name__ of collection reference, example: query(collectionRef, or(where("__name__", "==", "id_only_not_full_path"))) result in false negative because Firelord will ask for full path but we only need full path if the reference is group collection.
  4. Significant lag when trying to import anything from the library.


  • The name Firelord is a reference to the Firelord of Avatar.
  • Undocumented releases are README updates.
  • Contributing.
  • Documentation Github

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