sidebar_label: Deployment

If you would like to deploy your CMS to Firebase Hosting, you need to enable it first in the Hosting tab of your Firebase project.

You will need to init Firebase, either with an existing project or a new one:

firebase init

:::note You don't need to enable any of the services, besides Firebase Hosting if you would like to deploy it there. :::

You can link the Firebase hosting site to the webapp that you have created in order to get your Firebase config.

In order to make everything work as expected, you need to setup Firebase Hosting redirects to work as a SPA. Your firebase.json should look similar to this (remember to replace [YOUR_SITE_HERE]).

    "hosting": {
        "site": "[YOUR_SITE_HERE]",
        "public": "dist",
        "ignore": [
        "rewrites": [
                "source": "**",
                "destination": "/index.html"

Then simply run:

yarn run build && firebase deploy --only hosting

to deploy.